Welcome to Schnappy

Your child's school is using the Schnappy mobile app to make all communications fast, easy & secure. You can do everything from sending messages, checking term dates & homework, to booking appointments, clubs, events & making payments.

It's designed to be very straight forward to use, just download it from the links below, create an account and you're ready to go!

First Steps
Question? Check our FAQ

First Steps

Start using Schnappy to communicate with your school in 3 simple steps.
1. Download & Install Schnappy

Download Schnappy and install it on your smartphone or tablet by searching for it in the App Store or Google Play or via the links on this page. Schnappy can be installed and you can access your account on as many devices as you need.

2. Register your account

Open Schnappy & tap Sign up here

Type your schools name in the top search bar
& tap the logo to select

Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email &Phone number.

Enter a Password & confirm.

read the privacy policy & agree

After completing these steps the submit button will be activated.

3. Register your child/ren

Swipe left and select

Tap Register/Update and Register Child.

Enter First Name & Last Name.

Then select Year. Ensure the Year is correct first and then select Class & Gender

When their details are correct tap

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I enable face ID or fingerprint login?

Swipe left and select

Tap the Enable Biometrics toggle to activate it

next time you log in tap

Forgotten your password?

On the log in screen tap Forgot your password?

This will automatically send a password recovery email to your registered email address/username.

If you don't receive the email after a short period, please check your spam folder before contacting your school.

How do I change my password?

Swipe left and select

Enter new password & confirm


How do I update my child's Year or Class?

Swipe left and select

Tap Register/Update and tap your child's name on the menu to bring up their details.

Then tap Year. Ensure the Year is correct first and then select Class

When the details are correct tap

How do I send an Absence Note?

Swipe right and select

Select your child's name

Tap and type in the reason for the absence.

Next Tap Date of Absence, select the date and tap Done


What is Flexi Pay & how do I use it?

If a payment item has Flexi Pay enabled you can use it to pay in affordable instalments.

Swipe right and select

Then select your item & tap

Swipe right again and select

Then tap


How do I book a slot for Parents Evening?

Swipe right and select

Tap your Childs name
to select them

If a Parents Evening is available please tap

Select Date/Time and select the date.

Scroll the available time slots and tap

Can’t find an answer?

If you can't find what you're looking for please contact your school or nursery administrators. If it's something they haven't seen before they will pass it on to us and we'll add it to the knowledge base.

Recommend us to a School or Nursery.

If you would like to recommend Schnappy to primary schools or nurseries, we offer very attractive commission rates for each successful referral. Just get in touch for a referral code and our referral terms & conditions.

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